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Su trabajo ha sido publicado en diversas revistas especializadas, entre ellas World Politics, British Journal of Political Science (BJPS), Latin American Research Review (LARR), Latin American Perspectives (LAP), Environmental Science and Policy (ES&P), Water Policy, Desarrollo Economico (Argentina), y la Revista Brasileira de Politica Internacional (Brasil).
She said: "The larr last search I was relieved they were ruling out Ben had been the victim of an accident.
"From Marginality to Social Exclusion: From laissez faire to pervasive engagement", en "From the Marginality in the 1960s to the "New Poverty" of Today: A LARR Research Forum", Latin American Research Review 39:1, 195-197.
Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai's this Sur sarang contains 29 destinations of Sindh (from Chehi to Chukhi, from Larr to Siro, from Kach to Kaachu, from Thar to Kohistan, from Nan to pabb and form Grohrr to Bhitt).
On September 7, 2011, the Ministry of Rural Development presented a new Land Acquisition Rehabilitation & Resettlement Bill (LARR) to the Union Cabinet, and subsequently referred it to the Standing Committee on Rural Development, for examination and report.
Entre ellos: "'?Cuando acabara esta payasada?' El humor como zancadilla a la posicion del amo en la literatura de Cesar Aira" (RCLL, Revista de critica literaria latinoamericana XXXVII/74, 2011), "La violencia de Buenos Aires a traves del humor de Osvaldo Lamborghini en La causa justa" (Revista Canadiense de Estudios Hispanicos 37/3, 2013), "Conflicto social, humor y lenguaje en la literatura y el proyecto editorial de Washington Cucurto" (Latin American Research Review (LARR) 50/2, 2015).
2004 "From the marginality of the 1960s to the 'new poverty' of today: a LARR research forum".
MAE Comparison for different methods Algorithm MAE Algorithm MAE K-NN [14] 9.39 MTWGP [30] 4.83 Rank-SVM [28] 6.02 LARR [35] 5.07 Rank-SVR [27] 5.67 WAS [24] 8.06 K-NN [26] 8.83 AGES [26] 6.77 Ranking [31] 5.33 RUN1 [30] 5.78 Rank-Boost [27] 6.47/5.67 SVR [15] 5.91 Rank (AAM) [14] 5.79 SVM [15] 7.25 SSE [39] 5.21 PFA [40] 4.97 OHRank (BIF) [29] 4.92 GP [30] 5.39 OHRank-AAM [15] 4.48 PAR [13] 4.56 OHRank (LBP) [29] 5.53 SVM-SVR [33] 6.17 OHRank (PCA) [29] 4.82 IIS-LLD [36] 5.70 MFOR [29] 4.25 M2SA [37] 5.36 PLO [32] 4.82 MLPs [24] 6.98 RPK [38] 4.95 Our method 4.73 Table 7.
(1) CPI views on Land Acquisition Bill (LARR Bill 2011), a CPI publication 12/2011
The process of linguistic dialect integration is also seemed in a way that the Kahlhora rulers in Larr (South) were used to speak Saraiki language and their cousins who ruled Bahawalpur spoke Larri.
With the LARR Bill developing cities on a large scale would be difficult due to the requirements of getting consent from 80% of project affected people, arranging for their R&R(rehabilitation and resettlement), as well as paying a premium price for land shooting up the overall budget to very high levels."
Added Larr y Lieberman, president of Boston Agrex Inc.