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Without hesitation Fawcett told Private Mike O'Rourke and Corporal Jason Funnel to follow him and they exited the relative safety of their LAV and sprinted into the inferno outside.
CDR: We've recently seen a reference to a LAV 700 and it was showcased at IDEX this year.
Likewise, LAV correlated with these static parameters on all three analyses (i.e., there was no additive value of the expiratory scan or delta values), which can be expected, given the LAV was relatively fixed between inspiratory and expiratory acquisitions.
Canada has sold thousands of LAVs to Saudi Arabia since the 1990s, and, to the best of the Department's knowledge, there have been no incidents where they have been used in the perpetration of human rights violations.
Chi-square statistics were used to compare LAV with epilepsy to LAV without epilepsy on baseline demographic characteristics, comorbid conditions, and mortality.
The LAV's adaptability is demonstrated by their in-service longevity made possible by modernisation and improvement programmes.
The repair contract for the LAVs in 2007 is just one of the irregularities in the police being uncovered by the new administration under President Benigno Aquino III.
We have made full arrangements to give it a CWG flavour," Sukhbir Saran Aggarwal of the Lav Kush Ramlila Committee, said.
Taking the pee: At least this tot is keen on lavish lav
At sites SDE, LAV, and MAT these microenvironments were 'under shrub', 'between shrubs', and 'under rock fragment'.
The LAV originally manufactured by General Motors Defense of London, Ontario, Canada, is an eight-wheel-drive combat vehicle powered by a Detroit Diesel 6V-53T two-stroke diesel engine.
"We are adapting and modifying what we know about integrated electronic systems in the automotive industry in order to advance the LAV for the military.