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a city in Italy, in the region of Abruzzi; administrative center of the province of L’Aquila. Population, 59,300 (1970). The city has mills and a plant that produces electron tubes. Among the main architectural monuments are the Church of Santa Maria di Collemaggio (begun in 1287, 15th century portal), the Church of Santa Giusta di Bozzano (13th century), the Church of Santa Maria di Rojo (14th century), the Church of San Bernardino (15th and 16th centuries), the cathedral (13th century, rebuilt in the 18th and 19th centuries), a castle (16th century), and Renaissance and baroque style palaces. There is a regional museum in the city.

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Inver is acquiring Becker Powder Coatings' (BPC) four European production plants located in France (Thouars), UK (Liverpool), Poland (Debica) and Italy (LAquila).
Workers from Laquila Group, the firm in charge of excavation and foundation work, will mobilize heavy equipment on the site, including excavators, drilling equipment, rock breaking equipment, hoe rams, rock drills and track loaders.
The Falcons then travel to Italy to take on LAquila on Saturday, December 10 at the Stadio Tammaso Fattori.
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In July, 26 countries and 14 multilateral organizations agreed to work together under the umbrella of the LAquila initiative on food security.
The Borders will have to travel to Italian side LAquila and the the first derby clash between the Scots and the Geordies will be on the weekend of October 28-30 at Netherdale.