LCD panel

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LCD panel

(1) The primary component (the screen) in an LCD monitor or TV. The term panel is widely used in the LCD manufacturing industry. See LCD.

(2) An LCD monitor or TV. See LCD monitor and LCD TV.

(3) An earlier type of data projection system that required an overhead projector. Also called a "projection panel," it accepted output from the computer and displayed it on a transparent LCD screen placed on top of the projector. See data projector.

LCD Panel
LCD panels were an interim technology between the big and bulky tube projectors and today's compact LCD and DLP units. See data projector.
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She concludes that any aid whether it is the chalkboard or the LCD projector, is only a teaching aid.
If a big TV isn't just enough, then you could probably get away with an LCD projector that is capable of showing full HD images.
Don't feel shy about not knowing what is the difference between the DLP or the LCD projector. Well, these are the distinct technologies.
The room has a 72-inch diagonal rear projection screen with a 1,300-lumen LCD projector. Multi-system links are capable of video casting live or previously recorded sessions directly into guest rooms or other meeting rooms.
The interactive wide XGA LCD projector features an ultra short-throw tens that creates images from 60 to 110 inches at a distance of no more than 47 inches from the screen.
The Mitsubishi XL1550U XGA (1024x768 pixel) resolution LCD projector is designed for large auditoriums, classrooms or conference rooms.
SANYO introduced the PLV-Z2000, a high-definition LCD projector. Its high-end features include a 15,000:1 contrast ratio and the ability to reproduce 216 billion color combinations through an adaptive color phase and color level management system.
The Awards for All lottery grant, which allows smaller institutions to apply for a maximum of pounds 5,000, will pay for desktop computers, digital cameras, software and an LCD projector.
It has been proposed that using an LCD projector to enable all students to see the text and pictures could increase reading comprehension.
Both microscopes output a standard NTSC signal and can be connected to directly to any video monitor, TV, VCR, or LCD projector without the need for converters.
Also debuting at CES was the Epson PowerLite Home 10 LCD projector, which allows users to project an 80-inch image from about 6.5 feet away.