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"This is a milestone event in the next chapter of optimizing the company's real estate platform," says David Laffey, EVP and senior managing director of LCS Real Estate.
Amy Sahm, senior vice present and manager of international group administration at Financial Corporation of Lancaster, PA, who spoke about LCs during a Feb.
The difference between the rate of complications of LCs performed by surgical trainees and that performed by trained surgeons was compared using Pearson's chi-square or Mann-Whitney U test.
The losers of both of today's matches, North America LCS Team and Europe LCS Team, will face off to determine who will advance to the next round.
Traditional supply functions are broken down by division (S-1, S-2, etc.) not on the LCS. There is no division of supply on LCS.
The keel for the first Littoral Combat Ship, to be named USS Freedom (LCS 1), was laid on June 3, 2005, and the second, to be named USS Independence (LCS 2), on Jan.
International cooperation in LCS, however, will be hampered by the restriction on classified information sharing, and the requirement that the ship be built in the United States.
"It strikes me that since freedom is what we are all about as a nation, this is a perfect name for LCS 1," said Clark.
LCS is an innovative combatant designed to counter challenging shallow-water threats in coastal regions, specifically mines, diesel submarines, and fast surface craft.
($46,501,821) and General Dynamics-Bath Iron Works, Bath, Maine ($78,798,188) are each being awarded contract options for final system design with options for detail design and construction of up to two Flight 0 Littoral Combat Ships (LCS).