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loose cubic yard (or meter)

A unit to express the volume of loose material.
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ADB said, however, LCY bond markets in emerging East Asia continued to expand despite the trade conflicts and slowdown in global economic growth.
LCY is the only airport located in the centre of London, and will be the most convenient route for business travellers who may have meetings in the metropolis.
The case brought before the court demanded a total of NT$1 billion (US$33 million) from LCY, CGTD and from state oil concern CPC Corp., Taiwan, but judges ruled the last company not guilty of any negligence.
Customer deposits grew 3% q-o-q (+39% y-o-y) to EGP 32bn, driven by growth in both LCY (+2% q-o-q) and FCY deposits (+7% q-o-q), whereby the latter comprised about 30% of deposits," the report explained.
Government bonds continued to dominate, accounting for $7.2 trillion or 65.9% of the total regional LCY bond market.
To demonstrate another example for the total fuel use estimate and C[O.sub.2] emissions, a case of 250 hp bulldozer, has to haul 5000 lcy loose stockpile in 300 feet is presented.
The CS100 will also double the range that can be flown viably from LCY, opening new routes for airlines and passengers."
Both British Airways and Cityjet operate flights between Dublin Airport and LCY and have seen a number of their flights cancelled or delayed over the disruption.
The Legacy 650 extended-range is one of the largest executive jets permitted to operate in restricted airports, such as London City (LCY).
Competitive landscape and key vendors - Dynasol, DuPont, ExxonMobil, PolyOne, LCY
Established in 1991, Qafac is a joint venture between Industries Qatar (50%), OPIC Middle East Corp (20%), and International Octane and LCY Middle East Corp (15% each).