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In the first case calculations were made with the plant leaf changing its position with respect to the radiation source at angle [beta] of 10[degrees], 20[degrees], 30[degrees] and 60[degrees] and remaining in these positions from 1 to 6 s.
* If you like to decorate, frame your leaf collages and hang them on the walls.
According to superstition, the first leaf of the clover is for faith, the second for hope, the third for love and the fourth for luck.
However, these organisms differ in feeding strategies, which influences the pattern of leaf degradation (Graca, 1993).
True Leaf Pet is focused on developing and selling supplements and treat for pets, while True Leaf Medicine is focused on the development of cannabinoid-related products for medicinal use.
Then insert the leaf so that half to two-thirds of the leaf stalk is buried beneath the soil.
Amid the aftermath of last December's ice storm, the city of Eugene combined debris removal with leaf collection.
Among the methods most used to determine LA, one of the most requested are: the destructive method, where the leaves are collected and taken for laboratory analysis where the treadmill leaf area meter (LI-COR 3100[C]) is installed.
Contained within leaf cells are disc-like structures called chloroplasts that have a green pigment known as chlorophyll.
Specific leaf area, leaf dry weight as percentage of fresh weight, phenol content and activity of DPPH radicals on leaf extracts were significantly correlated, which could be used on productivity estimation and nutraceutical valuation.
A trial for estimating leaf chlorophyll content based on leaf reflectance was conducted for three major plant species in Daegu, South Korea.