LED bulb

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LED bulb

A light source that is created by a light emitting diode (LED). For decades, LEDs have been used as indicator lights on myriad products; however, starting in the 2000s, they began to replace incandescent, halogen and fluorescent bulbs. LEDs draw considerably less power and are up to 80% more efficient. Although claims are made for some bulbs lasting 25 years, one should expect a long lifespan under normal usage.

In Their Infancy
As of 2019, LED bulbs are still more expensive than incandescent bulbs; however, prices are constantly decreasing. Companies continue to experiment with numerous designs. For example, when red, green and blue LEDs are combined, they produce white light. Another method uses a blue LED and yellow or red phosphors.

New Lights - A Different Power Source
As incandescent bulbs are replaced with LED bulbs using the same Edison screw mount, the LED bulb must include AC to DC conversion. However, if the bulb's power source is DC such as from powered Ethernet, they are more efficient (see PoE and Edison base). See incandescent bulb, halogen bulb, fluorescent bulb, Acandescent bulb, OLED lighting and LED.

Incandescent vs. LED
The LED bulb on the right draws 3.5 watts but delivers the same brightness as the 45-watt bulb on the left. This LED bulb casts a very white light; however, LED bulbs run the gamut from warm yellow to white-blue (see color temperature).

They Sure Are Weird Looking
This Philips LED bulb hardly resembles incandescent lighting, which has been used for more than a century.

LED Night Light - 23 Times Less Power
Instead of the 7 watt incandescent bulb in the typical night light, this LED uses 0.3 watts. The blue arrow points to the single LED; the red arrow shows the light sensor.
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LED bulbs function smoothly under low tension (voltage) and low temperatures, which enhances the safety of household electrical systems.
They said the local LED bulbs industry was growing at a fast pace and even exporting products to the outside world, including some developed countries, and it needed a level-playing field by removing restrictions.
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 31, 2017-Consumers Energy to donate up to 150,000 LED bulbs to Michigan Families through Food Banks' Feeding America West Michigan
"Keeping in mind, the different requirements for home lighting, yet another product Pharox Apollo Retrofit LED bulb (18W) has been added in the series of Apollo Retrofit LED bulbs.
An online survey conducted across the country said 64 per cent consumers still don't know how to get LED bulbs under the scheme.
The good news is that when I switched over to four 100-watt replacement "soft white" LED bulbs with a clean fixture, people thought I had put back the old bulbs.
So it may be fact that a 60 watt bulb would be brighter than a 30 watt bulb, an LED bulb will produce the equivalent lumens for fewer watts - so don't let this put you off if you are thinking of changing.
With this technology, the LED bulb will automatically switch between AC or DC power mode, enabling the bulb to stay on even when the power is disconnected, solely being controlled by the regular wall switch.
The Clean Air Glo is a 5W LED bulb with a wick sitting on the top of the bulb's dome.
"Dimmable" LED bulbs are still hit-and-miss, so I'm reserving judgment (there's a list of compatible dimmers at creebulb.com).
These smart, connected LED bulbs can glow as brightly as an incandescent bulb, utilize a wireless "hub" or base station to establish a network connection (Insteon offers a bulb that also includes a hand held remote), and they allow the user to control the LED bulbs from virtually anywhere via apps on their iOS or Android devices.