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An input language for the attribute evaluator generator LIGA (a successor of GAG and a subsystem of the Eli compiler-compiler). LIDO is derived from GAG's input language ALADIN.

["LIDO: A Specification Language for Attribute Grammars", U. Kastens <>, Fab Math-Inf, U Paderborn (Oct 1989)].
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Em 100 mol [m.sup.-3] de NaCl a producao relativa da biomassa seca da parte aerea no genotipo Lidi, foi superior a 70%, indicando maior aclimatacao ao estresse.
They are Nitunglea, with a population of 1,590, Rokirole 1,553, Kesokoja 1,305, and Lidi 1,433.
Acessos PT FL VC CT 2803-01 38,50h 2,87e 31,52h 3,52b Berlin 28,09o 1,30i 25,70j 4,53b F3P4 43,40e 4,02b 17,85l 2,52b Jambi 24,82n 1,82c 14,40k 1,47g Jaran 28750 2,46f 17,60l 8,23a Jari Buaya 32,39l 2,75e 23,62j 7,01a Khai 120,81a 2,17g 34,50g 9,01a Khai Nai On 42,67f 2,80e 40,55e 3,42b Khi Maeo 54.81e 2,86b 14,31k 3,37f Lidi 35,47j 2,44f 54,19a 2,45b M-48 41,18g 4,07b 9,025p 3,51b M-61 37,37i 4,56a 13,28n 3,37b Malbut 26,90p 2,08g 20,42k 6,87a Mambee Thu 12,84v 2,03g 10,87o 2,33b Modok Gier 19,87t 1,73h 19,87k 10,46a NBA-14 31,16j 1,29d 24,08c 13,04a Ouro 33,32k 2,16g 24,62j 5,91a P.
Musi licit podmanivost krajiny, verne zobrazo vat zvyky a povahy lidi i pusobeni spolecenskych zmen v boji mezi staym a novym.
Germany: Leading Discounters' Market Share, 2001 (Total Market Volume: EUR45,023 mn) Lidi EUR 6,525 mn 14% Penny EUR 5,371 mn 12% Plus EUR 5,305 mn 12% Netto EUR 2,980 mn 7% Norma EUR 2,162 mn 5% Others EUR 1.080 mn 2% Aldi EUR 21,600 mn 48% Source: M+M Planet Retail Note: Table made from pie graph.
He lives with his parents, Toni and Lidi, and has a brother, Juliano, and a sister, Danja.
Jackie will assume responsibility for Waitrose, Iceland and Budgens while John will look after their accounts with Netto, Aldi, Lidi and Northwest.
Carey, 93-94), in which he explains his excursions into a "lingua ignota e strana" (line 3) despite the laughing lovers' objection that "altri rivi / Altri lidi t'aspettan, ed altre onde / Nelle cui verdi sponde / Spuntati ad hor, ad hor a la tua chioma / L'immortal guiderdon d'eterne frondi ..." (lines 7-11); ("There are other rivers and river-banks, and other waters for you, rivers by whose grassy brinks the immortal reward, the crown of unfading leaves, is already sprouting for your head ...").
[Instead] what is needed is [for others to recognize] the dignity (zunyan) and Herculean spirit (dingtian lidi de fengge) of the Taiwanese people.
class="MsoNormalThey include six accounts at Equity Bank registered in the name of Lillian Muthoni Mbogo which had $67,331.9, an account in the name of LIDI Estates Ltd which had $28,981, another account in the same bank and the same name and which had Sh2,297,495 and another with $8,979.83.
L'immensa solitudine secura m'avvolge in sua magia; ne '1 sentimento de l'alma Natura la mia anima s'oblia, e vola, vola per oceani ignoti abbandonatamente, come candido augello a' piu remoti lidi dell'oriente.
Taemar Ltd have been appointed to undertake the full design and build of the new 'Lidi of the future' Killingworth store in a turnkey project.