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An input language for the attribute evaluator generator LIGA (a successor of GAG and a subsystem of the Eli compiler-compiler). LIDO is derived from GAG's input language ALADIN.

["LIDO: A Specification Language for Attribute Grammars", U. Kastens <>, Fab Math-Inf, U Paderborn (Oct 1989)].
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a seaside health resort in northeastern Italy, near Venice, on the Adriatic Sea. The climate is Mediterranean, with mild winters (average January temperature, 3°C) and very warm and dry summers (average July temperature, 24.2°C). Annual precipitation totals 670 mm. Treatments include helioaerotherapy, saltwater baths, ammotherapy (treatment with sand baths), sea bathing (from May until mid-November), pelotherapy, and ampelotherapy. Those suffering with nontubercular respiratory ailments, obesity, neuroses, anemia, and rickets are treated. Lido has bathhouses, hotels, boardinghouses, and various sports facilities. There is also a large beach with fine-grained sand.

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The Serpentine Lido and its accompanying paddling pool in Hyde Parkare great for both adults and children.
During the post-war years the lido remained a popular attraction but in the 1980s the complex fell into decline and was closed in 1991.
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Lido user Albert Tate, now in his 80s, recalls: "The water was so green that when you stood up you couldn't see your feet."
Tracey has written the foreword for the book Liquid Assets: the lidos and open-air swimming pools of Britain, in the hope that some of the remaining lidos can be saved.
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