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a Latvian folk festival. It arose among the ancient Latvian tribes of farmers and livestock raisers and was connected with the cult of the sun and fertility. The festival is similar to the Ivan-Kupala festival among the Slavic peoples. During the shortest night of the year (June 23–24), bonfires were lit, and the celebrants jumped across the fires and poured water over each other. They searched for the magic fern frond and braided garlands. A special round cheese with caraway seeds, symbolizing the sun, was prepared. The participants sang songs with the refrain līgo —an exclamation of joy. The līgo has been retained in Soviet Latvia as a traditional summer festival, although it has lost its religious and magical significance.

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LIGO also saw a hint of gravitational waves on October 12, but the signal wasn't strong enough to claim detection.
If LIGO had 10 times its current sensitivity, he says, "we could learn about the first generation of stars.
In this one, the LIGO team of over 1,000 scientists got to observe 55 cycles of the gargantuan collision.
Los datos de esta fusion concuerdan con las ecuaciones de Einstein, por lo que David Reitze, director ejecutivo del LIGO, anuncio el 11 de febrero: "Senoras y senores, hemos detectado las ondas gravitacionales.
Notably, the founders of LIGO have all retired, and the project is being run primarily by people who were not yet born when LIGO was conceived.
More important, since LIGO is built on the Earth, its frame of reference is not at free fall when gravitational waves are considered.
LIGO is a joint project of California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, and is funded by the National Science Foundation.
In their announcement Wednesday, LIGO (Large Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) and Virgo said the event has been named GW170608, and that it occurred in a black hole binary system about one billion light-years from Earth.
Tenders are invited for Geotechnical Investigation And Soil Exploration Work At LIGO India Site At Aundha, Hingoli And Nanded, Maharashtra
At Cardiff University, the Gravitational Physics Group - which last year announced the first ever detection of gravitational waves as part of the LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitadional-Wave Observatory) consortium - will benefit from the upgraded facilities.
The signal provided LIGO scientists with information about the masses of the individual black holes, which were 29 and 36 times the sun's mass, plus or minus about four solar masses.