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The model was estimated through the maximum likelihood method, using the econometric software Limdep [37].
Greene, Limdep, Version 9.0, Econometric Software, Plainview, NY, USA, 2007.
Joint Acknowledgment/Disclosure Statement: William Greene is the developer of LIMDEP and NLOGIT and has an ownership interest in Econometric Software, Inc., the distributor for these programs.
(8) Specifically, we used the LIMDEP statistical package to simultaneously estimate equation [3a] (or [3b]) and the following selection equation:
In selecting an appropriate model that is most consistent with consumer behavior, the residential and non-residential wildlife watching participation models were evaluated using the limdep (version 7.0) logit procedure (Greene, 1995).
(11) We investigate these possibilities by re-estimating individual fixed effects ordered probit versions of the models reported in Table 3 using a routine dedicated to this purpose in Limdep 8.0.
Using Limdep 9.0, preliminary estimations reveal that the dual disturbance model with random intercept and fixed slope coefficients for Priv and Reg specified in either Equation (8) or Equation (10) do not provide any unique information and the likelihood function is inestimable when Priv and Reg are random in both Equation (8) and Equation (10).
Models with two, three and four classes were estimated using LIMDEP 9.0/NLOGIT 4.0 (Greene 2008).
For estimating parameters of the above-mentioned model, the econometric software LIMDEP, version 9.0, was used.