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Linear IPL.

A linearised (i.e. horizontal format) version of IPL-V.

[Sammet 1969, p. 394].

[R. Dupchak, "LIPL - Linear Information Processing Language", Rand Memo RM-4320-PR, Feb 1965].
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More than dynastie and clerical ambitions, more than public ignorance, national pride presented "[t]he greatest obstacle to the establishment of a republican Federation." (21) The LIPL hoped to fortify patriotism, Lemonnier declared, by purifying it of what could make it "narrow, exclusive, and self-interested." (22)
The LIPL's sense of patriotism was evident in its attitude towards France, which it regarded as its spiritual home.
The LIPL's 1884 congress suggested the neutralization of the territories as a possible answer.
Documents pertaining to the First International's attitude towards the LIPL are included in Jacques Freymond (ed.), La Premiere Internationale.
(13) The evolution of the LIPL's position regarding Alsace-Lorraine as presented in the pages of Les Etats-Unis d'Europe has recently been examined in Christian Baechler, "Les Etats-Unis d'Europe et la question de l'Alsace-Lorraine, 1871-1914," in Marta Petricioli, Donatella Chernbini, and Alessandra Antehini (eds.), Les Etats-Unis d'Europe: Un Projet Pacifiste/The United States of Europe: A Pacifist Project (Bern, 2004), pp.
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CRISIL believes that LIPL will continue to benefit from the healthy prospects for the domestic retail sector.
Incorporated in 1997, LIPL is part of the Landmark group, which has business interests mainly in the retail segment in the Middle East; the group has also expanded into the hospitality sector.
For 2009-10, LIPL reported a net loss of Rs.167.0 million on net sales of Rs.11.4 billion, against a net loss of Rs.768.0 million on net sales of Rs.8.5 billion for 2008-09.