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(computer science)
The software (server) used to maintain an electronic mailing list. Also known as list server.
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An automatic mailing list server, initially written to run under IBM's VM operating system by Eric Thomas.

Listserv is a user name on some computers on BITNET/EARN which processes electronic mail requests for addition to or deletion from mailing lists. Examples are,

Some listservs provide other facilities such as retrieving files from archives and database search. Full details of available services can usually be obtained by sending a message with the word HELP in the subject and body to the listserv address.

Eric Thomas, has recently formed an international corporation, L-Soft, and has ported Listserv to a number of other platforms including Unix. Listserv has simultaneously been enhanced to use both the Internet and BITNET.

Two other major mailing list processors, both of which run under Unix, are Majordomo, a freeware system, and Listproc, currently owned and developed by BITNET.
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Mailing list management software from L-Soft international, Inc., Landover, MD ( that runs on Windows, Mac, OpenVMS, VM (mainframe) and various Unix machines. LISTSERV scans email messages for the words "subscribe" and "unsubscribe" to automatically update the list. Virus protection is also provided. The LISTSERV program originated in France in 1986 by engineering student Eric Thomas, who went on to found the L-Soft company in 1994. See electronic mailing list.
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Listservs for psychiatrists are not breaking news: the American Psychiatric Association has one, and Ivan Goldberg has run a large psychopharmacology bulletin board for years.
The newly approved and developing Emergency Department Special Interest Group (ED SIG) uses the PTinED listserv to communicate the latest in SIG news and research related to urgent care physical therapy.
"LISTSERV Maestro is not just for traditional email marketers.
The other major network application for group discussion was LISTSERV, developed in 1986 for use on the BITNET network.
Using the EAP Manager Listserv, the EA professional could type, "Do you know of any articles that discuss the use of technology during critical incidents?" and instantly reach more than 600 leading EA professionals.
You can join this listserv by visiting or send an email message to
A listserv is a helpful media for allowing you to get information from nurses all over the world and to get help, resources and ideas from other nurses in other countries and in other hospitals.
That listserv subject transitioned to this month's hot topic - officer terms, with Beverly Maloney from the Lake Erie Chapter (Cleveland, Ohio) mentioning on the listserv that her chapter is thinking of extending the presidency to a two-year term, as it is difficult to accomplish the goals in one year.
The STOMP listserv is for all military families and professionals.
To subscribe, send an e-mail message to <listserv@> with the following message: SUB VRG-NEWS {your first and last name}.
And the school's extensive listserv has made communicating with parents a much easier process.