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(1) (International Data Corporation, Framingham, MA, A major market research, analysis and consulting firm in the information field. Founded in 1964, it provides annual briefings and in-depth reports on all aspects of the industry. IDC is a subsidiary of the International Data Group (IDG).

(2) (Internet Database Connector) A component of Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS) Web server that is used to access ODBC-compliant databases. IDC uses two file types. The .IDC file contains the query statement that is sent to the database. The results of the query are placed into an HTML extension file (.HTX file) and returned to the user's browser via IIS. IDC is an ISAPI DLL named HTTPODBC.DLL.

(3) (Internet DataCenter) See telecom hotel.

(4) (Insulation Displacement Connector) A type of connector that strips off the insulation of the wire to make contact with it. The wire is pushed into the connector with a punchdown tool. See punch block.

An IDC Block
Note the "V" teeth on this 66 punch block. As the wire is pushed down into the teeth, the insulation is stripped and the wire makes contact with the conductor.
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Subcutaneous adipose tissue was accumulated in the face and neck in patients with FPLD caused by LMNA mutations.
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The first genetic model for the study of laminopathy was the Lmna knockout mouse, which has become one of the most frequently used models to determine relationships between physiological functions of nuclear lamins and their contribution to the molecular pathophysiology of laminopathies.
A team at Durham University looked at inherited degenerative disorders that are caused by mutations in the LMNA gene.
Lamins A and C are splice variants of a single lamin A (LMNA) gene, whereas lamins B1 and B2 are encoded by two separate LMNB1 and LMNB2 genes.
Se describe un paciente con distrofia muscular de la faja pelvica tipo 1B con evidencia de una nueva mutacion D596N del gen LMNA. El paciente presenta una cardiomiopatia dilatada y fallo cardiaco.
In carriers of a mutation in the LMNA gene, the implantation of a defibrillator appears to protect against sudden death events, even when cardiac dilation and dysfunction do not reach independent criteria for defibrillator implantation.
Specific topics include the function of nuclear lamins, aspects of nuclear envelope dynamics in mitotic cells, components of the nuclear envelope and their impact on disease, emerin's role in gene regulation, actin dynamics and disease, novel integral membrane proteins, the genetics of laminopathies, muscular dystrophies, telomeres and silent chromatin, A-type lamin-linked lipodystrophies, research specific to motor neuron disease (ALS), LMNA mutations in progeriod syndromes, genetic approaches to nuclear positioning, and impaired nuclear mechanics and mechanotransduction in lamin A/C- deficient cells.