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(3.) For a more in-depth discussion of loas, see Maya Deren's Divine Horseman--a source Reed includes in Mumbo Jumbo's bibliography--or Zora Neale Hurston's Tell My Horse, to which Reed contributed an introduction.
In the study of the Vodun religion, flags opportunistically offer a visual glossary of the various Vodun loas. Within the vast cosmology of spirits there are two main divided branches: the cool Rada spirits which are mostly benign and originate from Guinee (mother Africa) and the hot Petro spirits which are of a fierce and violent nature, emanating from the New World.
The BIR issues a LOA to inform a taxpayer that he or she is being investigated for possible tax violations.Upon assuming the top post at the BIR in July 2016, Cesar Dulay issued Revenue Memorandum Circular 70-2016 suspending all pending tax investigations and audits would be stopped after receiving information that probes conducted under LOA are being abused and could last for "two to three years.
57-2016 that required a revalidation of all LOAs issued under the Run After Tax Evaders (RATE) program, which brings alleged tax cheats to court.
Where is it stated in a policy or written in a regulation that the USG cannot provide the Prime Contractor a copy of the implemented LOA? How does the Prime Contractor get a copy of the LOA?
As a metaphysical detective, PaPa LaBas, Reed's man at the borderline between the humans and the loas, combines mystical communication, the phenomenon of the crossroads, on the one hand, and the "whodunnit," the search for the solution of crimes, on the other.
P&A data are prepared in the Defense Security Assistance Management System, but are of valid for use in preparing a LOA due to the preliminary nature of the data.
In Mumbo Jumbo, Black Herman exorcises a harmful loa, or spirit, from LaBas's daughter; in The Last Days of Louisiana Red, LaBas recovers a spirit from the world of the dead.
The second action implemented by DSCA is to develop a course for personnel dealing with the development of LOAs and reviewers.