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1. An object-oriented deductive language and database system integrating logic programming and inheritance.

["LOGIN: A Logic Programming Language with Built-In Inheritance", H. Ait-Kaci et al, J Logic Programming 3(3):185-215 (1986)].

log in

Signing in and gaining access to a computer, local network server, Web server or to a particular account. The login identifies the user, and a username and password are typically required. Although a password is not mandatory for a user's own computer or mobile device, it is always recommended. See password, username and account.

Variations and Spelling
Also called "log on," "sign in" or "sign on," the action of logging in (verb) is spelled with two words: "please log in." However, the process (noun) is one word: "the login." In contrast, to exit the system is to "log out," "log off," "sign out" or "sign off." For example: "be sure to log in" and "her login name is allison77."

Right and Wrong Usage
The verb is two words; the noun is one. Many user interface designers are unaware of this distinction.
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Regularity of login interval was calculated using standard deviation of the login interval.
From 19 February 2015, customers of both RBS and NatWest will be the first of any UK-based bank to be able to login to their mobile banking app with just their finger print.
Also the Swipe and Avatar Login feature, requires users need to swipe their ID, click on their avatar, or enter their user name and password to login.
Employers may lawfully compel disclosure of login information for any account provided by the employer.
Called "social logins," this option is increasingly available on the web, and it's one that schools should consider.
org/login/index.php Once registered, login with your username/password to access webinars.
* Offer access to the company website with visible login boxes in sections of the private site.
While Kilburn, Kilburn, and Faught (2010) found that group average GPA's had no significant impact on group performance, further analysis might take into consideration the major and the GPA of the highest login person as a potential variable.
Facebook issued a statement last Friday in response to the news of companies asking for potential hires' logins, saying that no one should be forced to give up that information to get a job.
No unauthorized logins have been detected so far, but the operator changed the website's login system so that the leaked passwords cannot be used.
(OTCBB: CELO), Tampa, Fla., has announced that the company has created a solution for secure login to cloud applications using biometrics.
It has to store a verification table for verifying the legitimacy of login users.