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8 ms, the LOL of the flame reaches a statistically steady value and does not change considerably at later times.
2 LOLS, en cuanto a la participacion institucional a traves de la negociacion colectiva; art.
Using the LOLS method, they concluded that income inequality (the share of income going to the top 20% of all households) has a strong positive effect on mass violence.
But pity poor headteacher Mr Povey, who has to haul the culprits to his office for a bawling out - and is clearly finding it all LOLs himself.
Pity poor head teacher Mr Povey s , who has to haul the culprits to his office for a bawling out but is clearly finding it all LOLS himself.
90 Gardening good times Green fingered Lols Now the sun has appeared and we all want to be outside 24/7, it's time to get our gardens looking less jungle-like.
Both men and women were found to like their hahas and emojis, followed by hehes and then lols.
Like 2012's original movie, this sequel riffs on battle of the sexes humour, but if you're after mega LOLs in Sin City, rent The Hangover instead.
Best of all, it quietly and elegantly reminds her every day of her beautiful "Mommy Lols.
He and Omari Hardwick are very tight and he had a lot of ideas for the show; I'd send him an idea or a picture, he'd respond with a lot of LOLs and Emojis.
Their recruiting sergeant is social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which make the whole horrible business sound like a barrel of lols.