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Loti, Pierre

(pyĕr lôtē`), pseud. of

Julien Viaud

(zhülyăN` vyō), 1850–1923, French novelist, an officer in the French navy. He achieved popularity with his impressionistic romances of adventure in exotic lands, such as Aziyadé (1879), set in Constantinople, Rarahu (1880, later titled Mariage de Loti), set in Tahiti, and Madame Chrysanthème (1888), set in Japan. His most enduring novels, however, are Pêcheur d'Islande (1886; tr. An Iceland Fisherman), a tale of Breton fishermen, and Ramuntcho (1897; tr. 1897), a story of French Basque peasant life. Of his many travel books, Vers Ispahan (1904) is highly esteemed.
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It is hard to diagnose if possible connection exists in the LOTI and solar activity.
Officiellement devenue musee le 19 juillet 1969, la maison de Pierre Loti a Rochefort joue un role particulier tant dans la perpetuation de son image publique--elle est presentee comme le fruit "exotique" et "original" de l'imagination de l'ecrivain-voyageur, au meme titre que ses romans (8)--que dans la vie de Loti.
Mr Newall bought Loti a couple of years ago from France, where endurance riding is a very popular sport.
Nor, sadder to say, does Loti speak much in this part of his diary about the creation of those works.
Shortly after Wilde's arrival in France, Loti contacted the innovative French theatre producer Andre Antoine and informed him that he had just found in some old family letters material that he wanted to turn into a play.
Drawing on postcolonial and queer theory, she argues that the ambiguities and uncertainties present in Loti's work in fact subvert hegemonic orientalist discourses; they further highlight a fundamental inadequacy of representation which contrasts with colonialist assumptions of knowledge and authority.
And so there's a new device to launch the second act: Lapo and Loti, now fired by Michelangelo, are reduced to becoming travelling players, acting out the story of their former boss and his struggle with Pope Julius II.
loti Bergstrom and Kalb) in a northern New York field with a history of the disease.
If the mad Dutchman deserved your gratitude in any way, it was for being the first to whet your appetite for Polynesia, thanks to a little novel that fell into iris hands, and which he loved: The Marriage of Loti by an officer of the French merchant marine, Pierre Loti.