least significant bit

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least significant bit

[¦lēst sig¦nif·i·kənt ′bit]
(computer science)
The bit that carries the lowest value or weight in binary notation for a numeral; for example, when 13 is represented by binary 1101, the 1 at the right is the least significant bit. Abbreviated LSB.
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least significant bit

(LSB) Bit zero, the bit of a binary number giving the number of ones, the last or rightmost bit when the number is written in the usual way.
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(1) (Least Significant Bit) In a big-endian system, the LSB is the rightmost binary digit in a binary number. In little-endian, it is the leftmost binary digit. Contrast with MSB. See byte order. See also least significant digit.

(2) (Linux Standard Base) A standard interface (ABI) for Linux from the Linux Foundation (www.linux-foundation.org). Introduced in 2001 by the Free Standards Group, which later became the Linux Foundation, applications based on the LSB standard will run properly under LSB-based operating systems. Using Version 3 as a base, future LSB applications will be backward compatible to LSB 3.0 operating systems.

Covering packaging and installation, file placement, shared libraries, configuration files and system commands, the Linux Foundation provides certification for Linux distributions, applications and development tools. See Linux Foundation.
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In this regard, the LSB of each pixel is extracted by taking the two insignificant bits; the value is then saved in matrix E.
Palm density varied almost two orders of magnitude among studied sites (920 individuals per Ha at LSBS secondary forest compared with 36 individuals per Ha in the primary forest of BCNP, Table 1).
Since d' is locatedinthe second subrange, we can extract the secret data "001" from 3 LSBs of 41 = [00101001.sub.2].
Then, 24 bits from the MHR are shifted into the divider, starting with the LSB. After the last bit of data field has shifted, the remaining registers contained only the FCS.
For example, Matrix encoding uses less than one change of the least significant bit (LSB) in average to embed I bits into [2.sup.l]-1 pixels [3].
But Jonathan Morgan, chair of the health committee, said: "LSBs may offer real potential for resolving some of the more intractable problems at a local level.
Additional behavioral observations of adults and spiderlings were obtained from adult spiders raised from eggs in captivity and complemented with the field information from SAE and LSBS. Voucher specimens of spiders from all stages were deposited in the Museo de Zoologia of the Universidad de Costa Rica, San Jose.
When hiding digital images, it is common to replace the least-significant bits (LSBs) of a cover image with the bits of a secret image.
The realism engendered by all this web-based information was augmented by the requirement that students' LSBs include a description of several bargains worked out with other groups to move (or block) the reauthorization of the Endangered Species Act at each stage of the process.