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We are delighted to welcome new investors Abingworth and 5AM and would like to thank our existing investors, LSP and Versant Venture.
As a Microsoft LSP, Hilal Computers is committed to the delivery of cost-effective, on-premises and cloud-based products, services and solutions, under licence from Microsoft, to government departments and private enterprises in Bahrain.
In sum, labeling theory and cognitive consistency theory work together to explain how salespeople may accept and reinforce being a negative "deviant," particularly if they happen to experience one or more of the factors of depression, LSP, or EE.
As part of the financing, Anne Portwich and Rene Kuijten, partner, LSP, will join Neuravi's board of directors.
Buyer: Novo Nordisk AS , Orbimed Advisors LLC, Aeris Capital AG, LSP Life Sciences Partners, BioMedInvest AG
In successful implant arrangements, an interconnectedness between the host and LSP results.
In the school districts under federal desegregation orders, which are the focus of the Department of Justice litigation, LSP transfers improve integration in both the sending schools and the private schools that participating students attend (receiving schools).
In this paper, the nanorod LEDs with the assistance of silver LSP are proposed, and the light output of dipole source in the planar LED, the nanorod LED, and the LSP assisted LED is studied by two-dimensional finite difference time domain (2D FDTD) method.
Prior to the legislation and creation of the LSP Association, the state had cleared 630 sites in 10 years.
The LSP is the third phase in Endeavor Jordan's multi-phase plan through which Endeavor interviews hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs across the Kingdom.