LTE for iOT

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LTE for iOT

(Long Term Evolution for the Internet Of Things) The employment of low-speed and low-power LTE cellular transmission for machine communications. In 2014, approximately 15% of all machine-to-machine (M2M) communications was via cellular, mostly 2G. See LTE, LPWA, 802.11af and Internet of Things.

LTE USER EQUIPMENT (UE) CATEGORIES3GPP           Down/Up   Band-    DuplexRel/Year  Cat   (Mbps)   width    Mode

  8/2008    1     10/5   20 MHz    Full

 12/2015    0      1/1   20 MHz    F & H

 Low Power Wide Area Categories (LPWA)

 12/2015  LTE-M*   1/1   1.1 MHz   F & H

 13/2016  NB1**    .2    .05 MHz   Half

 *Also called Cat-M1, Cat-M and eMTC.
  Mission critical IoT.  Supports voice.

 ** Also called NB-IoT
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Wisol has a strong track record in designing and building RF components and the combination of their and our technologies in these new LTE for IoT modules will enable optimizations in power, size and cost that we believe will accelerate growth in LTE for IoT worldwide.
Sequans' operator-approved LTE Cat 1 chipset platform, Calliope, is a LTE for IoT chipset solution that is highly optimized for M2M and IoT applications.
Monarch 2 is built on three years of Sequans' exclusive and field-proven experience with first-generation Monarch, which is and has been the industry's LTE for IoT chip since its introduction in 2016.
(NYSE: SQNS), LTE for IoT chipmaker, and Polymer Logistics, a global provider of "One-Touch / Retail Ready" Packaging (RRP) and pooling services solutions to retailers worldwide, announced the availability of the Polymer Logistics Smart IoT Tracker, now approved for use on the LTE-M network of Verizon Wireless, and pending approval by other operators, the company said.
(NYSE: SQNS), LTE for IoT chipmaker, and Polte Corporation, provider of advanced Cloud Location over Cellular (C-LoC) solutions, have announced they will embed Polte's C-LoC software on Sequans Monarch LTE platform, thereby creating a low-cost, low-power LTE for IoT location solution that does not require GPS/GNSS or other radios for accurate indoor and outdoor positioning, the companies said.
Sequans has been collaborating with Orange for many years with the goal of supporting the operator's LTE-M strategy and accelerating the growth of its LTE for IoT ecosystem.