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(Linear Tape Open) A family of open magnetic tape standards developed by HP, IBM and Quantum (formerly the Certance subsidiary of Seagate) that are licensed to third-party vendors. LTO cartridges contain a memory that stores historical usage data. Although LTO was introduced with a native capacity of only 100GB, multi-terabyte tapes followed. Starting with LTO-3, write once-read many (WORM) support was added, and LTO-4 built in hardware encryption (see table below). See WORM.

LTO Is Ultrium
In 1998, two formats were announced: a single-hub Ultrium, like DLT cartridges, and a dual-hub Accelis, similar to Magstar MP. Sharing read/write head, track layout and other features, the single-hub Ultrium was accepted, while Accelis never took off. For information, visit See DLT and Magstar MP.

An LTO (Ultrium) Cartridge
The single-hub Ultrium is the only LTO format, and LTO and Ultrium are synonymous.

LTO UltriumGeneration    Native         Hardware  (year)     Capacity  WORM  Encryption

  LTO-1 (2000)  100GB
  LTO-2 (2003)  200GB
  LTO-3 (2005)  400GB      X
  LTO-4 (2007)  800GB      X       X

  LTO-5 (2010)  1.5TB      X       X
  LTO-6 (2012)  2.5TB      X       X
  LTO-7 (2016)  6.0TB      X       X
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Quantum has the broadest product offerings in the segment with the value-oriented DLT VS products positioned against AIT and 4mm DAT in SMB environments, the SDLT products, which go head-to-head against LTO, and now LTO-2 and LTO-3 drives as a result of its acquisition of Certance.
The LTO Program requires that all licensees pass a series of verification testing involving rigorous data interchangeability requirements prior to using the LTO Ultrium trademarks.
And its full interoperability, as designated by LTO Consortium specifications, protects SMB's technology investments by delineating an upgrade path for those who have already invested in LTO1 technology and by guaranteeing compatibility with LTO3 and future LTO generations.
The Magnum 1x7 autoloader is a breakthrough tape storage product for the Apple customer because its low price makes the speed and capacity of LTO affordable for the thousands of companies that want to step up to LTO automation for their backup needs," said Tom Ward, president and CEO of Exabyte.
With this next generation of LTO technology, we see tape moving from just being included in the data center game plan into a starring role," said George Crump, Senior Analyst with Storage Switzerland.
Since LTO tape technology first started shipping in September 2000, it has grown from 20,000 units in that first year to more than 300,000 units in 2004," (Gartner Inc.
Locations that have already deployed Super DLT 600 or LTO Ultrium 3 drives as part of their standard data backup architecture are already in possession of a WORM-based storage solution that complies with HIPAA standards.
As a result, the LTO Program Technology Provider Companies (TPCs), HP Corporation, IBM Corporation and Quantum Corporation, announced today that LTO technology has been helping to protect critical data assets for 12 years.
Both Quantum's SDLT 320 drives and LTO Ultrium 2 drives--like HP's StorageWorks Ultrium 460--are rated at 250,000 hours MTBF at a 100% duty cycle.
Three new autoloaders based on LTO Ultrium technology are slated for launch in January; the InoStor 8 cartridge LTO8200 and LTO8100, both in a compact 2U full-rack form factor, and a LTO-2 version of InoStor's popular Tandberg LTO 10 cartridge, 4U half-rack autoloader.
2) Price erosion: Since there are over 10 brands offering LTO media this is leading to a price war as companies fight to gain market share.
Also included are features from previous generations of the LTO Ultrium format, such as encryption to help protect data in transition, Write Once Read Many (WORM) support to help address data security and compliance needs, as well as the dual partitioning feature, introduced in Generation 5, which when utilized by the Linear Tape File System specification can help provide faster data access and improve data management.