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(Low Voltage Differential Signaling) A balanced digital transmission method that is noted for its high-quality signal (low noise). LVDS is used in myriad applications, including LCD monitors, network and peripheral devices, A/V equipment and automotive systems. An option for the SCSI interface, LVDS doubled the cable length from six to 12 meters (see SCSI signaling). See noise.

Differential vs. Data and Ground
LVDS sends data over "data high" and "data low" lines rather than data and ground. The receiver detects the voltage difference between the two signals instead of relative to ground. See differential signaling, TMDS, OpenLDI and automotive Ethernet.

Flat Panel Monitor
This diagram of a typical flat panel monitor shows how LVDS is used as the last interface to the display panel itself. (Redrawn from original courtesy of Analog Devices, Inc.)
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