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Schaevitz LLC Alliance Sensor Group ( is an LVDT and RVDT sensor manufacturing company offering engineering and application support in solving specific measurement challenges within the power generation, hydraulic, industrial and OEM industries.
To overcome the limitations of LVDT encoders, the system uses an optical encoder for better signal stability and higher accuracy.
The LVDT hopes to build on the community success story which has been the rapid growth of Longhoughton Rangers.
The Foundation's grant will help the LVDT to create an artificial grass pitch and two grass football pitches with changing facilities at the pounds 1.5m community facility in Longhoughton, Northumberland.
Constructed entirely of stainless steel, the HSE/HSER 750 Series of 19.0 mm diameter DC-operated LVDTs are hermetically sealed, making them impervious to dirt, water, steam and other corrosive elements.
Using a CPU, signals from different types of sensors can be processed, allowing the MLX to easily be configured to work with LVDT probes, air-to-electric transducers, temperature sensors, eddy current sensors, and custom software.
Offering precise measurement for applications utilizing AC- and DC-operated LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer) inputs, the Series DMC Dual Channel LVDT Controllers and Series DMI Single Channel LVDT Indicators offer user-friendly set-up with a scrolling display that actively prompts users through the set-up.
To implement this approach, use a gage block equal to the dimension entered in the "specimen geometry" to determine the gap between the fixtures, and zero the LVDT with the gage block defining the opening.
At the front end of the control system, Hardy's strain gauge and LVDT load cells measure the actual tension of the product, thus eliminating common problems found in web and strand processes including feathering, breaking, wrinkling or blocking.
To monitor that press fit operation, TRW Automotive uses a linear voltage displacement transducer (also called linear variable differential transformer, LVDT), a load cell, and other instrumentation to measure force and displacement.
has introduced its LVDT Simulator Module useful for operator simulation of the LVDT or RVDT feedback signal from valves used to control steam or gas turbines in utility power generation and process manufacturing.