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lightweight concrete

Concrete of substantially lower density than that made from gravel or crushed stone; usually made with lightweight aggregate or by injecting air or gas into the mortar.
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Colt now has an LWC in the lineup that is available in 9mm and .
2005), have shown a high correlation between the LWC of fog and visibility.
The figures assume an aircraft traveling at 250 knots (125 m/s) through each of the four drizzle/rain conditions outlined in Appendix O, when the LWC is 0.
Oman joins Brazil as the only counA[degrees] try in the world to host all three classes of the championships and is the only country in the Middle East to win the bid to host the LWC.
Competition details from LWC Stockton via 07970 280479.
Founded on the belief that wildlife conservation cannot succeed unless people issues are addressed, the LWC is being developed as a pilot for Born FreeeIUs eIEPeople and WildlifeeIU (PAW) Concept.
In LWC and Ken, I have found a firm and visionary committed to outstanding design," said William Buscaglia.
mill to LWC production and upgrading deinking capabilities at SP Newsprint's Newberg, Ore.
Relative import price terms may capture other effects in addition to those captured by the import penetration terms such as the threat of increased competition from LWCs (for example, the fall in the import price of LWC products as the dollar appreciated may have made it easier for firms to obtain agreement from their workforce to restrain the wages, or terminate the employment, of less-skilled workers, and so on).
Loren Watkins ran LWC Construction, and Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department detectives contend some of Cartwright's money was funneled into that business.