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former symbol of the element lawrenciumlawrencium,
artificially produced radioactive chemical element; symbol Lr; at. no. 103; mass number of most stable isotope 262; m.p. about 1,627°C;; b.p. and sp. gr. unknown; valence +3.
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, now Lr.
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Councillor Peter Phillips said: "I'm very much looking forward to working with LWS on this venture and being able to offer practical support to them to continue with the amazing job they do in helping the most vulnerable people in our community.
Three of the derived amino acid sequences fall within the crustacean LWS clade, and one sequence falls within the crustacean MWS clade (Fig.
Calcofluor showed a fluorescent blue ring under UV epi-illumination of the external area of the LWS (Fig.
LWS will also use the investment to fund a sales and marketing drive as well as to recruit additional sales and engineering staff.
by rejecting interest rates in China as benchmarks for calculating the benefit from Chinese currency loans from SOCBs, in the CWP, LWS and OTR investigations, or that the benchmarks actually used in respect of the loans were inconsistent with those obligations;
Unbelievably, the council will only let LWS have the building if they pay PS60,000 to upgrade the facilities required for a night shelter.
During the field trial, Catch the Wind's Vindicator(R) LWS improved the yaw alignment control of a turbine significantly over traditional wind vane measurement equipment.
380 in very small pistols, such as the Seecamp LWS series.
In addition LWS will resell Pronto's Managed Services, said to provide a time-to-market advantage through back-office operations.
The body scanner at LWS is a second-generation AIT with a smaller footprint than earlier versions of the same type of machine in use at other U.
The only thing that limited the success of the LWS .