La Condamine

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Condamine, La:

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, officially Principality of Monaco, independent principality (2005 est. pop. 32,400), c.370 acres (150 hectares), on the Mediterranean Sea, an enclave within Alpes-Maritimes dept., SE France, near the Italian border.
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La Condamine


a city and port in Monaco, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, located in a small bay, between the rocky Capes of Monaco and Monte Carlo. Population, approximately 10,000.

La Condamine is a health resort and tourist center. Monaco’s principal commercial institutions and industrial enterprises are concentrated in La Condamine, including a brewery; a mill; clothing, weaving, and candy factories; a shipyard; a printing shop; and enterprises producing souvenirs.

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La Condamine used his mathematical skills in a more roguish manner.
La Condamine also found time to study the caoutchouc tree, whose resin produced the amazing bouncing balls of the natives, and cinchona, the source of quinine.
The principality's local affairs (the administration of the four quarters of Monaco-Ville, La Condamine, Monte Carlo, and Fontvieille) are directed by the Communal Council, which consists of 15 elected members and is presided over by the Mayor.
The first scientist to identify the actual cinchona tree in the wild, near Loja, was French botanist ,Joseph de Jussieu, who accompanied La Condamine on his groundbreaking expedition to the New World.
40) Rejecting the Delambre-Mechain survey, the standard metre adopted by the International Commission on 22 June 1799 was based on the length of a pendulum beating seconds on the Equator as established by La Condamine and his colleagues during the 1736-1742 expedition to Peru; this fell short of one-ten millionth the distance between the Equator and the North Pole: the actual distance was later found to be some 10,003,250 of the new metres.
The second, led by Charles-Marie de La Condamine, would do the same at the equator near Quito, in what was then the viceroyalty of Peru.
Location of works, place of delivery supplies or performance: SIVOM treatment plant Arves La Condamine 73530 Saint Jean d~Arves
French scientist Charles-Marie de La Condamine led the first scientific expedition to South America in the spring of 1735, with the cooperation of Spanish authorities.
Restricted tender for a complete mission project management (diagnosis, sketch, APS, APD, PRO, ACT, VISA, DET, AOR) on rehabilitation work of a housing complex located at 19 rue la Condamine Paris 17th.
Shifting mud banks make navigation along this shore particularly dangerous, as the French scientist Charles Marie de la Condamine noted in 1745 when he sailed from Para to Cayenne in French Guyana.
Address : Mairie centre technique municipal ZA la Condamine
Contract notice: A call application: market project management for the design and implementation of public spaces and facilities - zac multi-sites and prat de la condamine 6-hectare romagnat