La Marseillaise

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Marseillaise, La


a French revolutionary song and the French national anthem.

The music and lyrics of the “Marseillaise” were written by C. J. Rouget de Lisle in 1792, in Strasbourg. It was originally called “War Song for the Army of the Rhine.” It spread quickly in the Republican Army and reached Marseille, where it became known as the “March of the Men of Marseille,” or the “Marseillaise,” and was later brought to Paris. Banned during the Restoration and Second Empire, the Third Republic made it the national anthem; its musical text was officially established in 1887.

In Russia during the 1880’s and 1890’s, a revolutionary song based on the melody of the “Marseillaise” and known as the “Workers’ Marseillaise” became popular among workers and the intelligentsia. As a result of some intonational, rhythmical, and structural changes, it became in essence a new song. The text of the “Workers’ Marseillaise,” which is a separate poetic work in its own right, was written by P. L. Lavrov (published 1875 in the newspaper Vpered, no. 12, July 1); it has been performed with some alterations.


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Philippe Leire, Axalta sales manager for powder coatings in France, said: "The La Marseillaise project is a double success.
La Marseillaise has been played and sung in stadia and opera houses around the world as a mark of solidarity with the people of France.
Wenger was at Wembley on Tuesday night when England hosted France and TV cameras captured him singing a rousing rendition of the French national anthem La Marseillaise as the two nations united in a show of solidarity.
Various tributes were paid in memory of the victims and crowds joined in singing French national anthem La Marseillaise.
Lloris was pleased the crowd at Wembley could pay their respects to the victims of Friday night's attacks in the French capital by joining in to sing La Marseillaise, France's national anthem.
All the words and pronunciations may not have been spot on, but they joined in with the singing of La Marseillaise before kick-off.
Ce discours de 45 minutes a ete ovationne debout par les 577 deputes, 348 senateurs et membres du gouvernement qui ont ensuite entonne la Marseillaise.
Perhaps Netanyahu realized this when he heard La Marseillaise.
It was a well-balanced account, and brought the evening to a riotous conclusion (one almost expected La Marseillaise to blaze out at the end), but despite obvious audience appeal was not the most rewarding item.
Le Francais Justin Jules (La Pomme Marseille) a remporte dimanche le Grand Prix cycliste La Marseillaise, premiere manche de la Coupe de France, qui s'est dispute sur un parcours de 148,1 km trace autour de Marseille.
I agree that God Save the Queen is inappropriate, and is certainly not as tuneful as La Marseillaise, or the Irish anthem.
The leading anthem was France's La Marseillaise, ahead of Wales's Land of My Fathers, with Advance Australia Fair in third.