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Pampa, La


a province in the central part of Argentina. Area, 143,400 sq km. Population, 172,000 (1970). The city of Santa Rosa is the capital of the province. The province’s economy is dependent upon agriculture (grain and oil-producing crops) and pasture cattle breeding. Food industry enterprises are located in Santa Rosa.

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The sampling frame comprised farms from Chapaleufu, Realice, Rancul, Trenel, Maraco, Conhelo, Capital, Quemu Quemu, Catrile and Atreuce, located in the north-east of La Pampa Province, Argentina (Figure 1).
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ficus-indica and the westernmost collection was at Santa Isabel, La Pampa province (Table 2, Fig.
The first release was in La Pampa Province, not far from Santa Rosa.
Laguna Guatrache Provincial Reserve (GLR) occupies 8500 ha, and is located in southeastern La Pampa province (37[degrees]46' S and 63[degress]32' W).
Volcanic ash in quaternary sediments in the pampa plains of north La Pampa Province, Argentina, show high concentrations of arsenic (7 to 12 mg/L), as well as other oligoelements (Nicolli, Smedley, & Tullio, 1997; Smedley, Nicolli, Macdonald, Barros, & Tullio, 2002).
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