La Tirana

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Tirana, La

About a week, including July 16
Each July tens of thousands of pilgrims set up camp in the small village of La Tirana, in the Tarapacá region of northern Chile. July 16 is the feast day of the Virgen del Carmen and the highlight of the festival ( see also Our Lady of Carmel). On that day there is a colorful, musical procession of images of the Virgen and Jesus around the village accompanied by more than 100 dance groups in elaborate costumes. Dancers who attend the festival practice traditional Andean dances all year round for the event, and many view their dancing as an act of devotion to the Virgen. During the rest of the time people wander the markets that have sprung up, worship at the chapel that houses the image of the Virgen, and participate in masses and other religious activities organized by the Diocese of Iquique.
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Las conversaciones sostenidas con mujeres y hombres chipaya residentes en la ciudad de Alto Hospicio y en las localidades de La Tirana y de Pintados muestran a personas con capacidad para sortear obstaculos y para buscar soluciones a sus problemas inmediatos.
She is also influenced by the syncretism of Chilean and Bolivian religious festivities such as the carnivals of La Tirana and Oruro.
Citing fears of aggravating the outbreak, Paris recommended postponing or cancelling the upcoming Fiesta de la Tirana, a religious celebration planned for July 15-17 where 200,000 people are expected.
In the Pacific coastal town of La Tirana, residents look on as more and more of the mangrove swamp on which they rely for food and income gets swallowed up by the sea.