La Trémoille, Georges de

La Trémoille or La Trimouille, Georges de

(zhôrzh də lä trāmoi`yə or trēmo͞o`yə), c.1385–1446, favorite of King Charles VII of France, sometime chamberlain to John the FearlessJohn the Fearless,
1371–1419, duke of Burgundy (1404–19); son of Philip the Bold. He fought against the Turks at Nikopol in 1396 and was a prisoner for a year until he was ransomed.
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 of Burgundy. He was captured by the English at Agincourt (1415) during the Hundred Years War. He later served as a mediator between John the Fearless and the dauphin, Charles VII. Having become Charles's favorite after the murder of Pierre de Giac (1427), he attempted to undermine the influence of Joan of Arc on the king. Overthrown (1433) by a coalition under Constable de Richemont (Arthur IIIArthur III,
1394–1458, duke of Brittany (1457–58), known before 1457 as comte de Richemont, constable of France in the Hundred Years War. He led the coalition that overthrew Georges de La Trémoille, and by the Treaty of Arras (1435) he reconciled Philip the
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 of Brittany), he joined the PragueriePraguerie
, 1440, revolt against King Charles VII of France, so called in allusion to the Hussite uprising in Prague. It was led by several great feudal lords, including the comte de Dunois, who resented the diminution of their influence over the royal government.
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 (1440) but was later pardoned.
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