La Trémoille, Louis de

La Trémoille or La Trimouille, Louis de

(lwē də lä trāmoi`yə or trēmo͞o`yə), 1460–1525, French general; grandson of Georges de La Trémoille. He commanded the army that attempted to secure Brittany for the French crown after the death (1488) of Duke Francis IIFrancis II,
1435–88, duke of Brittany. He succeeded (1458) his uncle Arthur III. In his struggle with the French crown for the independence of his duchy, Francis entered (1465) the League of the Public Weal against King Louis XI and invaded Normandy in 1467.
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. He distinguished himself in the Italian WarsItalian Wars,
1494–1559, series of regional wars brought on by the efforts of the great European powers to control the small independent states of Italy. Renaissance Italy was split into numerous rival states, most of which sought foreign alliances to increase their
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, notably at Fornovo (1495), Marignano (1515), and Pavia (1525).
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