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La Trappe:

see TrappistsTrappists,
popular name for an order of Roman Catholic monks, officially (since 1892) the Reformed Cistercians or Cistercians of the Stricter Observance. They perpetuate the reform begun at La Trappe, Orne dept., France, by Armand de Rancé (c.1660).
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In the sixteenth century, La Trappe became subject to the commendatory system: the French king regularly appointed non-resident prelates to the abbacy, specifically in 1636 Armand-Jean de Rance, aged only 11.
Representatives from Du Bocq Brewery (Purnode, Belgium), Dupont Brewery (Tourpes, Belgium), and La Trappe Brewery (Tilburg, Netherlands) were on hand for a presentation of each brewery's history, culture, and technical aspects--as well as a guided beer tasting.
Resultat, un premier acte rapidement plie 6/2, et la nette sensation que la protegee d'Heinz Gunthardt allait passer a la trappe.
The restaurant also stocks the La Trappe Dubbel, an ale from a Trappist abbey in Noorde, The Netherlands.
En general, ces realisations documentaires passent a la trappe dans l'historiographie du cinema suisse, qui tend a privilegier le modele dominant et legitime du film de fiction.
The focus could be on a given country, as with the Belgian emphasis at places such as La Trappe Cafe in San Francisco, Brouwer's Cafe in Seattle and Eulogy Belgian Tavern in Philadelphia, or even on a certain style, as witnessed at New York City's Stout, where the emphasis, not surprisingly, is on stout.
The monks of the Koningshoeven monastery near Tilburg produce a range of remarkable ales under the La Trappe name.
After the end of the French revolution, the monks of La Trappe were the only survivors of the order and the term Trappist became substituted for Cistercian, associated as it was with strict austerity and mortification.
Dans Albert Savarus, le voyeurisme de Rosalie, et ses lectures indiscretes ou subreptices forceront le heros, homme de la << voix >> (avocat, et candidat en quete de << voix >>) a se murer dans le silence de la Trappe, et Rosalie elle-meme a s'isoler de tout regard.
Designee "provincial wildlife management area", reserve naturelle provinciale, l'ile est soumise a une reglementation qui permet la chasse saisonniere au cerf et au gibier d'eau, mais qui interdit la chasse et la trappe des mammiferes a fourrures et de la faune ailee des hautes terres.