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river: see ElbeElbe
, Czech Labe, a major river of central Europe, c.725 mi (1,170 km) long, rising in the Krknoše Mts., NW Czech Republic, and traversing NW Czech Republic in a wide arc.
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(läbā`), town (1996 pop. 249,515), W central Guinea, in the Fouta Djallon. It is the market center for a farm region where citrus fruit, bananas, vegetables, and rice are grown and cattle are raised. Labé was incorporated in the Mali empire in the early 13th cent. From the 16th to the 18th cent., after the decline of Mali, it was of commercial and political importance and served as a center of Islam. The FulaniFulani
, people of W Africa, numbering approximately 14 million. They are of mixed sub-Saharan African and Berber origin. First recorded as living in the Senegambia region, they are now scattered throughout the area of the Sudan from Senegal to Cameroon.
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 settled there in the second half of the 18th cent., displacing the original inhabitants. Labé is today a leading center of Islam in Guinea.



the name of the upper course of the Elbe River in Czechoslovakia

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The texts by Saint-Gelais, Sceve Tyard, Labe and Aubespine considered here are all love poems.
E preciso considerar qual era o espaco ocupado pelas mulheres na Inglaterra e Franca dos seculos XVI a XVII, em que imperava a mistura entre o politico e o teologico, para termos a dimensao do que representa a escrita de Louise Labe.
Third, it is important to note that the poems of Christine and Labe concern real love lost, not the unrequited desire that preoccupies the conventional lyric poet.
As Alonso and Viennot promised, this volume is a well-organized and comprehensive collection of articles meant to help students and their instructors prepare for the agregation, but it is also a useful tool designed for readers of French literature to access easily and appreciate the significant scholarly work dedicated to Louise Labe, a key figure and a very important writer of the French Renaissance.
While it is true that Labe uses this topos for purposes that are at variance with the way in which it is most often used in male-authored poetry, hers is not an entirely new use.
Labe, who for eight years managed and consulted in the tea house industry and tasted for large tea companies, fell into the Heartbeat gig when he happened to meet the chef there, and they started discussing the Heartbeat concept -- healthy fine dining in a luxury setting.
His dam Sine Labe presumably showed no speed, running only twice at middle distances, and doing herself no credit.
In 1555 Labe published a book of love sonnets that were emotionally intense and stylistically simple.
Although the researchers did not identify the protein, their findings hinted at the eventual possibility of using it in routine labe tests to detect the antibodies associated with fertility problems in women who have had chlamydia.
First time exhibitor Molon Labe Designs will show its Slip-Slide seat that permits the normal 19" wide aisle to open up to an impressive 43", offering a number of benefits to both the airline and passengers.