Luigi Lablache

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Lablache, Luigi


Born Dec. 6, 1794, in Naples; died there Jan. 23, 1858. Italian singer (bass).

Lablache studied at the Naples Conservatory. In 1812 he made his debut at the San Carlino Theater in Naples. He performed in the opera houses of many cities, including Milan, London, Paris, and Vienna. In 1852–53 and 1856–57 he sang at the Italian Opera in St. Petersburg. His major parts included Geronimo in Cimarosa’s Il Matrimonio Segreto, Oroveso and Walton in Bellini’s Norma and I Puritani, and the title roles in Verdi’s Otello and Donizetti’s Don Pasquale.

One of the outstanding singers of the 19th century, Lablache possessed a powerful voice of great range and bright timbre that was versatile enough for both cantilena and virtuoso passages. He was the author of Singing Method (1846; Russian translation, The Complete Method for Singing, 1881), exercises in vocalization, and other studies.


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In a fit of rage, drunk Paul Summerly slammed his PS20,000 Mercedes "square on" in to Ryan Lablache, sending him flying on to the bonnet and crashing to the ground.
Witnessed by the victim's horrified father, Mr Lablache lay injured and semi-conscious on the road as Summerly droveoff with a smashed windscreen.
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King Lear seemed a particularly enticing topic, and as an additional incentive Lumley proposed that the famous bass Luigi Lablache would sing the title role--after all, what would be more appropriate than an opera based on a play by England's greatest dramatist by Italy's most famous opera composer?
He often attended the Paris Opera House, where he heard some of the greatest singers of the day, including Adolphe Nourrit, Maria Malibran, Giovanni Rubini and Louis Lablache.
In addition, Pierre LaBlache, from Consultabroad, annou nced the formation of World Alliance of Gourmet Robustas and Alex Renton of Oxfam discussed the controversial campaign to help farmers and small-scale producers suffering from the low coffee prices.
Male writers represented in the collection include Louis Lablache, Victor Maurel, Gilbert Duprez, and Jean-Alexandre Talazac.
Part Three--"A Collection of Rare and Original Vocalises" contains vocalizes by Alba, Rosa Ponselle, Giovanni Battista Rubini, Luigi Lablache, Enrico Delle Sedie, Marietta Brambilla, Adelina Patti, Lilli Lehmann and Clara Kathleen Rogers "Clara Doria.
Durr speculates that Schubert composed these songs with specific singers in mind, including Vogl, Count Johann Karl Esterhazy, and the famous Italian bass Luigi Lablache.
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