Labor Placement

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Labor Placement


in the USSR, the state system of organizational and legal measures designed to facilitate the placement of working people in jobs. The state bodies responsible for placement include state committees of the Union republics, administrations of the councils of ministers of the autonomous republics, and appropriate sections of the executive committees of krai and oblast soviets of people’s deputies, which have special bureaus and officials working on labor placement in individual cities and raions.

Labor placement bodies inform the public of the needs of enterprises, construction sites, and various organizations; help people to find jobs in their specializations; recruit laborers (seeORGANIZED RECRUITMENT OF WORKERS); and arrange resettlements for workers.

Under the system of labor placement, special guarantees are provided for certain categories of citizens. For example, all enterprises and organizations have quotas for the hiring and production training of youths who have graduated from general-educational and vocational-technical schools; they also have quotas for the hiring of other persons under 18 years of age. In the Union and autonomous republics, krais, oblasts, cities, and raions, commissions have been set up for the placement of youths; the commissions are staffed in part by representatives of Soviet, party, trade-union, Komsomol, and educational organizations. Quotas have also been established for the hiring of disabled persons.

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