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(science and technology)
A place for experimental study.



an establishment, department, or division of a research institute, planning and design organization, industrial, agricultural, transport, communications, public health, or cultural enterprise, educational institution, or any other organization that conducts scientific, production-control, or educational experiments. A scientific research laboratory may also be an autonomous structural subdivision of an academy of sciences, a ministry, or an agency.

Higher educational institutions have three types of laboratories: teaching laboratories (for various disciplines) for student laboratory work; special problem laboratories, for solving important scientific or technological research problems (primarily in the basic sciences); and sectorial laboratories, for solving immediate applied problems of various sectors of the national economy. The special problem and sectorial laboratories have been part of higher educational institutions since 1956. The special problem laboratories are financed from the state budget; the sectorial laboratories, by appropriations from the respective branches of the national economy. As of 1973, there were more than 600 special problem and about 700 sectorial laboratories in the higher educational institutions. All of them, regardless of type, conduct scientific research and educational-methodological work. Industrial and other enterprises, research institutes, and other organizations also maintain special problem and sectorial laboratories (for example, in sociology and economics).

Production-control laboratories are set up at industrial and other enterprises and state and public organizations to research concrete problems. There are control laboratories at plants to check incoming raw materials and finished products, clinical laboratories at medical institutions, criminology laboratories for investigative and juridical agencies, and agrochemical laboratories for agricultural organizations. The laboratories of specialized secondary, vocational and technical, and general schools are used, for the most part, for educational purposes.

What does it mean when you dream about a laboratory?

A laboratory symbolizes a place to experiment with one’s inner feelings, beliefs, and fears.

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In summary, no evidence was found for laboratory infections with the influenza A H2N2 virus.
The test results after completion are returned to the coordinating body and analyzed against an assigned value to give an indication of the performance of the individual laboratory and the group as a whole.
The biases are common to all measurements in a particular laboratory but may be different for different laboratories.
From the laboratory perspective, these duplicate payments occurred because the billing information provided by the SNF was inaccurate.
This laboratory is studying the expression of prostaglandin H synthases and lipoxygenases in the development of colon, breast, and other cancers.
This article describes the factors that led to the "paradigm shift" undertaken by the laboratory and the specific changes that produced positive results.
For the "in-office ancillary services" exception to apply, the laboratory services must be personally furnished by the referring physician, a physician who is a member of the same group practice as the referring physician, or employees of the physician or group practice.
FACP, FACPE as Medical Director of the New York laboratory.
During outbreaks of SARS and H5N1, a laboratory protocol was established to notify the on-call laboratory professional when a sample was received for testing for 1 of these pathogens (Figure).
This five-day training program will lead participants through content theory and intermediate laboratory exercises in rubber chemistry, rubber mixing, rubber testing and rubber processing.
Many laboratory sites that were previously excluded from federal oversight will now be subject to varying degrees of federal scrutiny, depending on the specific tests the laboratory wishes to perform.
It can be configured to meet the needs of the simplest to the most complex laboratory environments," explained Neal Flora, President and CEO of Fletcher-Flora Health Care Systems, Inc.

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