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Federation of Kenya Employers executive director Jacqueline Mugo said the Employment and Labour Relation Courts plays a major role in promoting industrial harmony and regulating relations between employers and their employees.
'The claims in the matter concern employers and employees as such that High Court lacks jurisdiction to entertain it by virtue of Article 169 iA1/4E2) of the Constitution as read with section 12 of employment and Labour relations court Act,' he stated.
Employment and labour relations Judge Hellen Wasilwa suspended Knut's NEC decision to kick out Sossion.
Also, provision for a dispute resolution mechanism must be specified in a collective bargaining agreement.It must be noted, however, that the right to labour relations is not an absolute right it can, therefore, be limited, provided the limitation meets the requirements of Article 24 of the Constitution.
Staff had threatened to strike if it went ahead but industrial action was avoided after marathon talks at the Labour Relations Commission.
The workshop took place at a time when labour relations in the coastal town need to be interrogated so that a win-win solution can be found, said Abraham Nekomba, deputy major of Luderitz.
Mai has been a member of the Fraport AG executive board since April 2001 and in his role as executive director for labour relations he is responsible for Fraporta[euro](tm)s Retail and Properties strategic business unit as well as two service units, Sustainability Management & Corporate Compliance and Human Resources.
Carrell and Heavrin provide an introductory text which aims to promote a sound working knowledge of labour relations and collective bargaining, by integrating both the theoretical and practical aspects within its chapters.
The law goes further to restore powers of the Ontario Labour Relations Board that were taken away by the Harris government.
Gauthier said their labour relations code "was developed four years ago and changes made before it was passed."