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Greece: see LaconiaLaconia
or Lacedaemon
, ancient region, S Peloponnesus, Greece, bounded on the W by Messenia and on the N by Arcadia and Argolis. On the Eurotas (now Evrotás), the principal river, stood Sparta, the capital.
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Plutarch singles out of the whole life of Brutus one exceptional action; his promising the plunder of Lacedaemon and Thessalonica to his troops.
to them: "Men of Lacedaemon, the Athenians entreat you
Peisthetaerus insists on the Birds swearing an oath not to attack him (438-45); Alcibiades had been careful to extract an undertaking of immunity from the Spartans before he agreed to go to Lacedaemon (Thuc.
Terpandrus when he ended the brabbles at Lacedaemon, neyther pyped Rogero nor Turkelony, but reckoning vp the commodities of friendeship, and fruites of debate, putting them in mind of Lycurgus lawes, taught them too treade a better measure.
Nestor, a wartime comrade of Odysseus, advised Telemachus to go to Lacedaemon, where Menelaus, who reigned there as king, could possibly give him the information he sought.
The goddess, after changing Odysseus into an old beggar, went to Lacedaemon to arrange the return of Telemachus from the court of Menelaus and Helen.
IT IS TOLD OF LYCURGUS, THE GREAT SPARTAN LAWGIVER, THAT before returning--from self-imposed exile--to give laws to Lacedaemon, he sent before him a wise Cretan named Thales, who introduced such musical modes among the Spartans as to render them tranquil and orderly, uniting them in admiration of virtue and disposing their souls to embrace the best of laws.
Pater's sadomasochism is fully evident in the Lacedaemon chapter of Plato and Platonism.
4 Lacedaemon quoque uindicanda in antiquam libertatem erat atque in leges suas and 38.
After establishing supremacy in the region, the new masters of Lacedaemon (Sparta) lived in relative peace with the native population.
Whatever the case, the changes attributed to Lycurgus marked the imposition of a thorough and dangerous despotism on all the inhabitants of Lacedaemon.