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(ləkō`nēə) or


(lăs'ədē`mən), ancient region, S Peloponnesus, Greece, bounded on the W by Messenia and on the N by Arcadia and Argolis. On the Eurotas (now Evrotás), the principal river, stood SpartaSparta
, city of ancient Greece, capital of Laconia, on the Eurotas (Evrótas) River in the Peloponnesus. Spartan Society

Sparta's government was headed by two hereditary kings furnished by two families; they were titular leaders in battle and in religion.
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, the capital. Sparta dominated the region, despite the existence of many other towns, until the rise of the second Achaean LeagueAchaean League
, confederation of cities on the Gulf of Corinth. The First Achaean League, about which little is known, was formed presumably before the 5th cent. B.C. and lasted through the 4th cent. B.C. Its purpose was mutual protection against pirates.
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 in the 3d and 2d cent. B.C. Laconia (now Lakonías) is today a name of Greece.


city (1990 pop. 15,743), seat of Belknap co., central N.H., near lakes Winnisquam and Winnipesaukee and on the Winnipesaukee River; settled c.1761, inc. as a city 1893. It is a popular summer and winter resort and the industrial and trade center of a lake resort and farming region. Among the city's products are computer parts, machinery, building materials, metal and paper products, transportation equipment, textiles, and electronics.
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a region in ancient Greece in southeastern Peloponnesus bounded by Argolis and Arcadia in the north and Mess-enia in the west (the present-day department of Laconia; administrative center, Sparta).

Several centers of Aegean culture were located in Laconia until the 12th century B.C., when it was conquered by the Dorians. Sparta arose in the tenth or ninth century B.C., apparently as a result of the synoecism of two communities (the Dorian and the Achaean); later Sparta became a large Greek state, which in sources is also called Lacedaemon. The names Laconia, Lacedaemon, and Sparta are often used synonymously.



a gulf of the Mediterranean Sea on the Peloponnesus, Greece. Length, 41 km; width at entrance, 37 km; depths, up to 1,150 m. The semidiurnal tides are 0.3 m high. The chief port is Yithion.

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an ancient country of S Greece, in the SE Peloponnese, of which Sparta was the capital: corresponds to the present-day department of Lakonia
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