Ladies' Peace

Ladies' Peace:

see Cambrai, Treaty ofCambrai, Treaty of,
called the Ladies' Peace,
treaty negotiated and signed in 1529 by Louise of Savoy, representing her son Francis I of France, and Margaret of Austria, representing her nephew Holy Roman Emperor Charles V.
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Earlier on, Ayen and her Nigerian counterpart, Patience Goodluck Jonathan discussed the possibilities of the new nation joining the African First Ladies' Peace Mission (AFLPM).
In 1874, in response to continuous lobbying by women for a more public role in its campaigning, the Peace Society finally allowed the formation of an auxiliary, the Ladies' Peace Association (LPA), at a time when a handful of pacifist women, such as John Bright's sister, Margaret Lucas, had boldly begun addressing mixed-sex meetings.
Thus they shed light on the private opinions of Marguerite and Louise regarding political events such as the Spanish captivity of the French princes (1527-1530) and the "Ladies' Peace" of 1529.
(2.) Such as the Treaty of Madrid and the so-called "Ladies' Peace," or the Treaty of Cambrai of 1529.
On the Treaty of Cambrai, the so-called "Ladies' Peace," see also Russell
November 28, 2013 (JUBA) - South Sudan's first lady, Mary Ayen Mayardit and her Nigerian counterpart have discussed the possibilities of the new nation becoming part of the African First Ladies' Peace Mission (AFLPM).