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see Rhaeto-RomanicRhaeto-Romanic
, generic name for several related dialects of the Romance group of the Italic subfamily of the Indo-European family of languages (see Romance languages). These dialects are now considered sufficiently similar to form a single unit in the Romance group.
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(7) He later participated in the Afghan jihad, forged close ties with bin Ladin, and played an integral role in the development of al-Qa'ida and its overall strategy.
"Ladin sings and plays infectious clawhammer banjo, while Terry is a master percussionist.
Whether or not the government's new state secrets claims are upheld, there's already more than enough evidence in the record for our clients to prove their case," Ladin told the ( New York Times.
I was also fortunate enough to enjoy a meal at the four star Hotel Emma just above the town, which boasts a wonderful six-course evening menu bursting with Sud Tyrol and Ladin specialities -- sweet paprika ravioli filled with Chamois meat or Val Badia suckling pig with home-made spatzle, anyone?
Reconstruction, adaptation to the regulations in force as well as energy-efficient renovation of the Institute of Music in German and Ladin in the Franziskanergasse no.
In the Qatar Supersport race 2, Abdulaziz bin Ladin won again to increase the lead over Fahid al Sowaidi.
In the second Supersport race, bin Ladin increased his lead over Fahid al-Sowaidi with another victory yesterday.
Ladin, a CPA, brings more than 20 years of finance, accounting and tax management experience, and has spent the majority of her career in the pharma industry.
I've found that many of them try to be profound, as opposed to just crafting quality work like Ladin.
Police asked firefighters' help, who broke the door of the balcony of the house and found Nazan E[currency]imE-ek (46) and her daughter Ladin (15) shot dead with a gun and covered with a blanket.
In an exclusive interview with Construction Week Qatar, the chairman of Qatar Bin Ladin Group gave his opinion on what lies ahead for Qatar's infrastructure development and the role his company seeks to play within it.
Question: When it comes to harboring Usama bin Ladin, I know you're trying to find out what did they know, when did they know it, and who knew.