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, one of the two major geographic divisions of the Jewish people, consisting of those Jews whose forebears in the Middle Ages resided in the Iberian Peninsula, as distinguished from those who lived in Germanic lands, who came to be known as the Ashkenazim (see
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As a local Jewish journalist recalled in 1925, the status of the Jews of Salonika as strangers in their natal land emerged immediately in their new context: "We were ignorant of Greek customs, of Greek culture, of the Greeks' race, of its past, its history, its language, its national ideal, its hope, its destination." (55) The Jewish religion, the Ladino language, the French cultural orientation that resulted from education provided by the Alliance Israelite Universelle since the late nineteenth century, and economic ties to the West all positioned Jews as impediments to the nationalist Greek agenda.
En ese sentido, tal homogeneidad se constituyo bajo el termino "ladino".
Her novels tenderly portray the existence of her paisanos, and their preference for speaking Ladino, now considered an archaic language by the Spanish academy, but very much alive for Jews in various parts of the world.
Most white clover breeding projects in the USA have centered on developing cultivars of ladino white clover.
Angelica Parra Ladino: It is a great opportunity for us.
En Tela, la construccion de espacios liminales resiste la desaparicion del ladino y articula nuevas formas de identidad en una geografiaia inesperada: Mexico.
Rubin spotlights othe Hebrew map,o including several works in Ladino, Yiddish, and European languages, and refers to maps in Hebrew drafted and printed by Jews, and Jewish topics.
But she stuck with it; today, her two children are practically experts on Yiddish and Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) music themselves.
Whereas other forms of the ladino oral tradition from these countries such as ballads, Songs or folktales have all been analysed, The proverb tradition remains largely unstudied.
Despite the long-standing practice of cultural resistance through the appropriation of writing, it is certainly true that after independence, in the early nineteenth century, the Guatemalan state implemented educational policies that promoted assimilation as a push toward Western notions of modernization and "progress." Members of indigenous communities have long been keenly aware of these top-down efforts to "re-educate" the Maya meant to forge national citizens that fit the Ladino ideal (3)--that is, to speak and read Spanish and to familiarize students with a particular version of national history and mythology.
Noche en que los siete pecados capitales son puestos sobre la mesa por un Lucifer temerario y ladino que hace caer en la trampa a sus victimas, hasta que aparece el Arcangel San Miguel y--literalmente--le pone en la torre, La noche mas venturosa provoca que el publico no dude en aplaudir con gran emotividad.