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, one of the two major geographic divisions of the Jewish people, consisting of those Jews whose forebears in the Middle Ages resided in the Iberian Peninsula, as distinguished from those who lived in Germanic lands, who came to be known as the Ashkenazim (see
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In part historical, in part based on her own fresh observations, it's a deeply pessimistic book, where the only source of light is her own warm intelligence, penetrating the secret sorrows and corruptions of Indians and ladinos both.
Ladino, or Calque Judeo-Spanish, a product of the literal translation (word for word) of biblical and liturgical texts from Hebrew into (medieval) Spanish, which was done in the Talmudey Torah for pedagogical reasons and taken with the exiles in 1492.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The recently screened documentary "Las Ultimas Palavras" (The Last Words) has revealed that the Judeo-Spanish language, also known as Ladino, is on the verge of extinction in Turkey, which director Rita Ender believes to be the result of violations of minority rights.