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For rulers thus named, use Ladislaus; Lancelot; Uladislaus.

Ladislaus I

, Ladislas
Saint. 1040--95, king of Hungary (1077--95). He extended his country's boundaries and suppressed paganism. Feast day: June 27
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Le senateur, Ladislas Poniatowski, pense que l'Algerie, "au vu de la dimension de son armee", est un pays "essentiel" qui devrait s'impliquer "davantage" pour la securite regionale.
It's Ladislas Ntaganzwa, former mayor of Nyakizu commune in Butare.
Este juicio desfavorable iba a cambiar posteriormente al leer un articulo sobre la Epistola a los Hebreos, publicada por Ladislas Boros, S.J., en la revista jesuita suiza Orientierung.
Their members included anthropologists Ruth Benedict, Margaret Mead, and Gregory Bateson, psychologists Gordon Allport and Kurt Lewin, and then-prominent journalists Edmund Taylor and Ladislas Farago.
(97) Canon 1362[section]2: Ladislas Orsy SJ, says that the canonical "prescription" is different to civil law statutes of limitation because the former extinguishes the cause of action, but the latter only prevent reliance on it (estoppel).
Many, like Horton and Berkouwer, kept diaries and issued detailed accounts of the council, to be read alongside such works as Yves Congar's My Journal of the Council, Ladislas Orsy's Receiving the Council, and Joseph Ratzinger's Theological Highlights of Vatican II to enable us to gain a more balanced ecumenical perspective on this great event.
King Ladislas (1386-1414) established order in his Neapolitan kingdom and began a vigorous unification campaign in central Italy, buying the States of the Church from pope Gregory XII, only to be opposed by Florence's international banker Giovanni Medici, the richest man in Italy, whose successors eventually controlled Rome.
Voici donc le remaniement opere par Boisrobert dans son recit: Ladislas, roi de Hongrie, est oblige de quitter le royaume pour soutenir la guerre contre les Turcs.
Avery Dulles, Ladislas Orsy, Michael Fahey, and James Provost all discuss the theological aspects of this question in Episcopal Conferences: Historical, Canonical, and Theological Studies, ed.
Likewise, the renowned canonist Ladislas Orsy, when reflecting upon the rise of the metropolitan structure of the Church and the exercise of primacy, concluded, "Accordingly, the explanation must be a theological one; it cannot come from canon law." (8)
I sat in the stand in the last match and it allowed me to view the team differently and watch what we were doing wrong." Muaither coach Ladislas Lozano was confident and said that his team is capable of recovering and rescuing the season.
(2.) Ladislas Farago, The Broken Seal New York: Random House, 1967, 322-4.