Ladislaus II

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Ladislaus II,

king of Bohemia: see Uladislaus IIUladislaus II
, Hung. Ulászló II, c.1456–1516, king of Hungary (1490–1516) and, as Ladislaus II, king of Bohemia (1471–1516); son of Casimir IV of Poland.
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, king of Hungary.

Ladislaus II


Ladislaus Jagiello

(yägyĕ`lō), 1350?–1434, king of Poland (1386–1434), grand duke of Lithuania (1378–1401), founder of the JagielloJagiello
or Jagello
, dynasty that ruled Poland and Lithuania from 1386 to 1572, Hungary from 1440 to 1444 and again from 1490 to 1526, and Bohemia from 1471 to 1526.
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 dynasty. Leaguing with Poland against the menacing Teutonic KnightsTeutonic Knights
or Teutonic Order
, German military religious order founded (1190–91) during the siege of Acre in the Third Crusade. It was originally known as the Order of the Knights of the Hospital of St. Mary of the Teutons in Jerusalem.
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, he acceded to the Polish throne by marrying Queen JadwigaJadwiga
, 1374–99, Polish queen (1384–99), daughter of Louis I of Hungary and Poland. To satisfy Polish demands for autonomy at Louis's death, she reigned in Poland and her sister reigned in Hungary.
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. Baptized at this time, he agreed to convert Lithuania to Christianity. The union of Poland and Lithuania continued after he delegated (1401) a cousin as grand duke. Jagiello's victory over the Teutonic Knights at Tannenberg (1410) resulted in the First Peace of Toruń in 1411. His son by a later wife, Ladislaus III, succeeded him as Polish king.
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