Ladislav Stoll

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Štoll, Ladislav


Born June 26, 1902, in Jablonec nad Ni-sou. Czech critic, literary scholar, and publicist. Academician of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences (1960). Honorary doctor of Moscow State University (1972). Member of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia since 1926; member of the Central Committee of the CPC since 1946.

Štoll became the director of the Czech and World Literatures Institute of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences in 1972. A leading Czech Marxist critic since the 1930’s, he is the editor of a number of Communist publications. His work deals chiefly with the contemporary ideological struggle, the development of socialist culture, the role of the intelligentsia in public life, and Partiinost’ (party spirit) in literature. In his work Thirty Years of Struggle for Socialist Poetry (1950), Stoll revealed the importance of the tradition of S. K. Neumann and J. Wolkerforthe development of Czech literature. In the monograph On Form and Structure in the Art of the Word (1966; K. Gottwald State Prize, 1972), Stoll gave a critical analysis of the Russian formalist school and Czech structuralism.


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In Russian translation:
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Š. VLAŠÍN [ČSSR; 29–1484–2]

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The official methodological guidelines for literature were presented by Ladislav Stoll at the plenary session of the Union of Czechoslovak Writers in January 1950.
Notorious party ideologists, such as Zdenek Nejedly and Ladislav Stoll, took a total control of what was then acceptable literature.