Lady Jane Grey

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Grey, Lady Jane,

1537–54, queen of England for nine days. She was the daughter of Henry Grey, marquess of Dorset (later duke of SuffolkSuffolk, Henry Grey, duke of,
d. 1554, English nobleman. He became 3d marquess of Dorset on his father's death (1530), and in 1534 he married Frances, daughter of Charles Brandon, duke of Suffolk, and Mary of England (sister of Henry VIII).
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), and Frances Brandon, daughter of Henry VIII's sister Mary. She became a ward of Baron Seymour of SudeleySeymour of Sudeley, Thomas Seymour, Baron,
1508?–1549, English nobleman. After the marriage (1536) of his sister Jane to Henry VIII, he served on various diplomatic missions, was in command of the English army in the Netherlands in 1543, and was admiral of the fleet in
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, who tried unsuccessfully to bring about a marriage between her and Edward VIEdward VI,
1537–53, king of England (1547–53), son of Henry VIII and Jane Seymour. Edward succeeded his father to the throne at the age of nine. Henry had made arrangements for a council of regents, but the council immediately appointed Edward's uncle, Edward
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. After Seymour's execution (1549) for treason, she fell under the control of John Dudley, duke of NorthumberlandNorthumberland, John Dudley, duke of,
1502?–1553, English statesman. The son of Edmund Dudley, minister of Henry VII, John was restored to his inheritance in 1512 after his father's attainder and execution (1510).
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, who married (1553) her to his youngest son, Lord Guilford Dudley. Northumberland persuaded the boy king, Edward, to change the order of succession and name Lady Jane, a Protestant, to follow him on the throne. After Edward's death Lady Jane, only 15 years old, was proclaimed queen on July 10, 1553. The English people, however, rallied to the cause of Mary IMary I
(Mary Tudor), 1516–58, queen of England (1553–58), daughter of Henry VIII and Katharine of Aragón. Early Life

While Mary was a child, various husbands were proposed for her—the eldest son of Francis I of France (1518), Holy Roman
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, and Northumberland's army deserted. After nine days as nominal queen, Lady Jane was imprisoned. Because of her youth and innocence her life would probably have been spared had not her father joined the rebellion of Sir Thomas WyattWyatt, Sir Thomas,
c.1520–54, English soldier and conspirator; son of the poet Sir Thomas Wyatt. In Jan., 1554, when Queen Mary's intention to marry Philip II of Spain was announced, Wyatt joined a planned insurrection against the queen.
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 (1554). Lady Jane, her husband, and her father were beheaded.


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Grey, Lady Jane

(1537–1554) queen of England for nine days. [Br. Hist.: NCE, 1146]
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Grey, Lady Jane

(1537–1554) English queen at 15; died at 17. [Br. Hist.: NCE, 1146]

Grey, Lady Jane

(1537–1554) English queen beheaded at 17. [Br. Hist.: NCE, 1146]
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(12) Wynne-Davies has astutely pointed out that Henry Fitzalan's speech, rather than Lady Jane Grey's final words, informs Iphigenia's determination to sacrifice herself 'for the commoditie of my countrie' (809-10).
For those who delight in painting only, here is an opportunity to relish an extraordinary artist who, within three years, produced both The Execution of Lady Jane Grey and the technical masterpiece Saint Cecilia and the Angels, with its overt debt to the Nazarene group of painters.
The first document is, quite properly, an extract from Edward VTs Letters Patent issued to exclude Mary and hand over the Crown to Lady Jane Grey. This is followed by extracts from a dispatch of the Imperial Ambassador, commenting on this illegal act, and from the observations of a Londoner regarding the King's death.
Margaret Roper, Lady Jane Grey, Anne Askew, Mary Sidney, and many others established a strong early tradition of female piety.
This will provide the opportunity to reflect on the short life of Lady Jane Grey as she was proclaimed Queen on July 10, 1553.
3born Lady Jane Grey reigned as Queen of England for nine days in 1533 before she was executed for high treason.
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Bradgate Park, about 40 minutes' drive away, is a country park within ruins of the house where Lady Jane Grey lived.
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