Lady's Slipper

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Lady’s Slipper


(Cypripedium), also Venus’ slipper, a genus of perennial grassy plants of the orchid family. The blossoms are large and varicolored. One of the leaflets of the perianth has a peculiar, inflated shape somewhat resembling a slipper (hence the name). There are approximately 50 species in the temperate zones of North America, Europe, and Asia. There are four species in the USSR. The true lady’s slipper (C. calceolus), the large-blossomed lady’s slipper (C. macranthon), and the spotted lady’s slipper (C. guttatum) grow in the European USSR and in Siberia; the Yatabe lady’s slipper (C. yatabeanum), on Kamchatka and in the Far East. Several species of lady’s slipper are cultivated in gardens as decorative plants; tropical orchids of the genera Paphiopedilum and Phragmopedilum which are cultivated in hothouses are also known as lady’s slippers.


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Lady Slipper seeds are miniscule (like dust) and require the necessary symbiotic relationship with a fungus to germinate and grow.
Watching a Maxwell play, one finds oneself giving undue attention to the most mundane observations--such as the Showy Lady Slipper line "Horses are nice," or House's "You're all buttery.
The new Lady Slipper license also will be shown in High Point, and at various upcoming gift shows.
Others had oddly shaped pods and leaves, similar to lady slippers, which is a type of orchid, Mr.
An example of how sleuthing efforts are applied: This past May was a bumper year for Pink Lady Slippers found on the trail, which runs along Clamshell Pond.
She said the woods are gone and the lady slippers she used to see in those woods when she walked her dog every day are also gone.
Orchid expert Kevin Wescott will cover Lady Slippers, Small Corsage and Pansy Orchids.
There will be plenty of people eager to see the reappearance of Harry Dunlop's Lady Slippers in the Blue Square EBF Maiden Fillies' Stakes at Warwick.
Harry Dunlop may not have legends in his yard to rival father John and brother Ed, but he could have a very smart filly in the making with Lady Slippers (2.
Some medicinal plants, like one of the lady slippers, love this soft.
In the neighborhood of East Point, officials planned to build a new elementary school on 27 acres of woods containing 300-year-old oaks and rare pink lady slippers.